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Hello. And thanks for stopping by.

It’s no coincidence you’re here; we’ve been planning your arrival for a while now. For over 30 years, in fact. 

Barques has been around the block. We started life as part of an architectural practice in Birmingham in the ’80s. Back then things were a little different. 

We delivered graphic design before the internet was born. Computers were yet to change our lives. Email was yet to catch on.

Everything was carefully planned and crafted by hand. It had to be precise, as there were no second chances. Those lessons have served us well. 

Times changed, technology advanced and we adapted and evolved as a marketing agency. Why? Because our clients wanted us to.

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We do it all.

Full Service Marketing Agency Birmingham, UK

We do it all.

Full-service marketing. Everything in-house.

We employ experts in every part of our business. They’re brilliant in their own right and unstoppable when they come together.

It’s why we’re known for being both creative and strategic. For PR and marketing. For managing reputations and building better brands. 

We design for digital too. Think great websites, developed in-house and backed up by SEO that works.

Large or small, local or national, we help businesses look good, get seen online and grow successfully.

We know that progress like this is impossible without change. But at Barques, some things remain reassuringly the same.

Thirty years in and our success is still built on the strength of our people. Outstanding service from a great team, that cares deeply about its clients.

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Our story is all about yours.

About Us - Inside Barques

Our story is all about yours.

Your project presents new challenges. Meeting those challenges is about discovering a new path, not relying on what we’ve done before.

It’s how we go about it that sets us apart. At Barques, nothing is taken for granted. We start with open minds, not preconceived ideas. 

We aren’t here to catch you out. We don’t crave awards. And we’re never creative for the sake of it. No jargon, no nonsense, just honest answers on how best to help you move forward.

For us, relationships come first. Everything else follows. Our commitment to you goes beyond hours and numbers. 

We treat your business as an extension of our own: a warm and collaborative partnership for as long as you need us. 

It’s why we promise you’ll want to keep coming back. And what drives us to keep delivering on your behalf, over and again.

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Thirty years in the making. That’s our story. Now it’s time to tell yours.

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